[student] email is already in use

Adding st-email:
Tried to add my student email ,under Add email address on my other [non-student] github account,
but when I do i get Error adding [st-email]: email is already in use

Create account with st-email:
Then I tried creating an account using the [st-email] but Email is invalid or already taken pops up

Reset password:
Tried to reset the password of the [st-email] but That address is either invalid, not a verified primary email or is not associated with a personal user account. Organization billing emails are only for notifications pops up

btw I’m still a student and my uni is listed as an option on GitHub student pack, also I’ve used github since mid 2020.

Hi there! Thank you for your question! Please direct your question to our friendly colleagues in the GitHub Education Community and someone there should be able to help you.

But this is mainly an account issue,not exclusive to ‘GitHub student’

I see! Please contact GitHub Support then.