Student Developer Program

I applied for Github student developer pack on 30th of August , I applied with my college issued email id(The college email id is verified by github) and college identity card(Not blur), my request is still pending , While my classmates got verified within 12 hours .Where can be the problem?

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As I remember, Github sends an e-mail within a week. They inform you even you are not accepted. I’m sure there are lots of applications, so the best solution is to be patient.


@gecicidegisken Thanks ,but my freinds frome same college have been verified within 12 hours , so i thought that there was some fault in my request.

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My best guess here is that you applied using a non-academic email address (like hotmail or gmail) and your friends applied using their academic email addresses (the one issued by your university or college). It may be worth going to the application again and making extra sure you selected your academic email address from the drop-down, which should be the same domain as your friends.

If you have specific questions about your application, you’ll need to contact our Support team directly:

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