Student Developer Pack

Hi, I applied for the pack on Feb 14. and I’m still waiting. I contacted the support in email (no response 3days). I contacted the support on Twitter two times (4days, 1day). I know its free, but why is it exist if I can get it?

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Hey @levminer, because students are manually verified for the program and there are so many students applying, wait times can be extended. Hang tight! 

Also, @levminer, big fan of the profile picture. The New Tesla Roadster looks awesome!  

Thanks, I’m a big Tesla fan to :slight_smile:

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Ok, but why are they advertising it on Twitter and on the blog if they can’t verify the requests? Btw I applied with school e-mail, so its should be an instant verify. And why the support dosen’t answer me? on the website they say “24/7 support”. And what if I get rejected after a month? I have to wait a month again?

I got my pack after a month! Thanks GitHub :slight_smile: