Student developer pack rejection

Been rejected over about 10 times. I’ve tried student ID or enrollment letter of my school or certificates but got refusal in seconds. Don’t know what additional information is needed.

They use to provide an option to attach documents and some smart person decided to make it take pictures. Not all desktops have quality cameras and the take a picture option shows a black screen on iOS and android, the picture is automatically taken without user intervention so make sure you’re wearing clothes during this process.

Same thing here as well 6 months now of being rejected the only they’ve have not asked is my dead grandmother birth certificate which seems like racism.

For student benefits and related conversations, we recommend visiting our Student Developer Pack FAQs post as that may help answer your questions. If not, please use that Discussion to ask for assistance.

I have provided all the information requested then the last thing i was told it looks like you’re too far from your school insinuating that I should use VPN or something into my school and send the request from there.

This is madness. My school 100% online with students from around the globe how on earth can I get into a class room or be on campus to a place that is virtually 100% online and yes I’m in Canada and the school is in the US.