Student Developer Pack and Campus Expert

Hi there,
My name is Rahul, I am a student and I’ve applied for Github student pack yesterday. Though my application is not approved yet but I know you guys have a lot on your shoulders right now and will approve it soon, my motive to apply was to ultimately apply for Github campus expert, as I think being a campus expert I can bring the change I want in my university and create a new teaching and learning environment for my friends and other students.
so I just wanna request you that if you haven’t yet reviewed my application then please do, so that I can apply for campus expert program asap.
thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community @Rahul-Gothwal, we’re glad you’re here.

The GitHub Education team will get to your application as soon as they can.


Great i am selected for student Developer pack and applied for campus expert already.

i just wanted to know how long will i be enrolled in student developer pack?