Stucks at "Verifying Dmi Pool Data......"

Intel E7500
Ram 2gb
hard disk 300gb

I had accidentally deleted the system reserved partition, when I restarted my pc it showed my " disk boot failure, insert disk and hit enter " , I searched several solutions on internet but I was unable to find working.
Then I took my disk and put that on another pc and in that I went to diskpart and clean the disk, then I transformed that as a new volume and put windows 7 ultimate on it after that I inserted that on my pc and powered the device, now it is not showing the error but, it stucks at the “verifying dmi pool data …”
I rechecked my cables, bios, everything was well, but it is still stucked at that, then I inserted the windows bootable disk and then powered the device, then I pressed F12 to go to the boot menu and clicked on cd/dvd to boot from that, but it again stucks at the " boot from cd/dvd"

What to do now :frowning:
I am sharing my problem in this website with the hope that I will find a solution,
I guess I will … <3