Stuck with one broken workflow


I made a workflow with bad syntax, so deleted the workflow file and created a new one. When I go to my actions page, I can only see the one broken workflow still there and my new one isn’t visible. Both were in the /.github/workflows folder. How can I delete the broken one and get my system to recognize the new one?

You can’t (yet) delete the old workflows.  But your new workflow should run.  Is it a public repo?  Can you point me to it?

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I figured it out. I was assuming the list that appeared in actions was a list of all my workflows, when instead it’s a list of all my workflow runs. I wasn’t triggering the new workflow, so it wasn’t showing up.

Followup question though - I’ve seen lots of mentions of a visual editor for workflows - but I can’t seem to find that anywhere?

Wondering too how to use/access the visual workflow editor.

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We don’t have a visual editor for the new YML syntax. We’re working on improving the editing experience now (things like autocomplete/validation), you’ll see improvements here soon.

For deleted workflows showing in Actions tab. We have some improvements in the works for that page. Won’t be a problem for much longer.


Why was the syntax changed in the first place, since there seem to be a working version with hashi alread?