Stuck on Step #5 in InnerSource Fundamentals

I can never get past step #5 in InnerSource Fundamentals. Pretty sure I completed everything. Do I need to delete the discoverable-repos branch? Tried it, nothing. Have quit and deleted repo. Started over. Stuck in the same spot.

Hi Dan!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry you’re having issues with this course.  I took a quick look and think I spotted the issue.  For the step in question, the pull request is expecting you to add a text comment first, then it will respond, then it will ask you to approve and merge the pull request and move you forward.

In this case, your merge was happening when it was expecting a comment, so the course never saw the merge, but did see a merge comment.

Hope that helps!  Please feel free to comment back here if not and we can keep troubleshooting.



Thanks Mike, How do I move on from step 5 to step 6? Or do I need to cancel this lesson and start over?

Innersource fundamentals is seriously flawed. I have attempted to get through it so many times without success. I still have no idea what the “lesson” is.

Hey @dan-carroll

I looked at our logs and found your attempts to complete this course but I’m not able to see your latest attempt to look further at your steps because you deleted the repository.

I just went through the course and was able to progress through the steps as instructed. If you’re willing to take the course again and still get stuck at step 5, please reach out to me and don’t delete your repository so I can take a look. We had some platform inconsistencies a little before your logged time of taking this course so I don’t think it would have affected your experience but I don’t want to rule it out quite yet.


Aaron (a-a-ron)

I also stuck at step 5. I restarted the course, but still could not pass step 5 - I clicked
“File Changed” and reviewed 2 files, but did not get the link to approve the change, so to merge… something is missing.

I’m also stuck at step 5, it’s pretty confusing, I’m not sure what else to try.

I would appreciate any suggestion.