Stuck on pull request

I’m new to all this so I might be being daft and missing something but I can’t seem to meet the criteria for approval on the pull request. Initially, I had a text file so the filename was wrong but I’ve since uploaded the right kind of file with the right file name and I’m still not getting through?

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I am having a similar issue. Says I needed to add to the descriptiona and I did, and nothing is happening. Maybe someone can help us both.

Hi @sstepanova and @lavaniab. I’ve taken a look at both of your repositories.

@lavaniab, I left a comment in your pull request. I think the problem is the name of the file. Let me know if you want more help! 

@sstepanova, I’m not quite sure what’s wrong. Your pull request looks right to me. I left some instructions in your pull request. I’m going to move the course along manually, but when I do that, the bot won’t do its part by commenting and approving your pull request. I’ll leave the comment there, but I can’t approve your pull request because I’m not a collaborator. The work-around is to go to the repository **Settings**, then click **Branches** on the left side, and remove branch protection from master. Then, you’ll be able to merge and move on. Unfortunately, if this doesn’t work, the recommendation would be to leave the course and start again. Best of luck! 

@brianamarie  Thank you for your help!