Stuck on lesson 9 in Merge Conflicts

After following the steps and removing the markers  in “Resolve these Conflicts”, I get the following message from the bot:

"Uh oh @dream-ardor, something went wrong! I wasn’t expecting this change. Please go over the instructions again and make sure you’ve followed them as exactly as you can.

If this is a pull request, you might close it so you can start fresh. Keep trying, you’ll get there!

If you would like assistance troubleshooting the issue you are encountering, create a post on the GitHub Community board. You might also want to search for your issue to see if other people have resolved it in the past."

I tried leaving the course and restarting. I followed the instructions exactly as listed and I’ve searched all over the forums. This is the second time I’ve been confused by this step and I have no idea why I cannot bypass it. 

Hi @dream-ardor! I took a look at your repository, and I see what you mean. I’ve contacted our engineering team to have them take a look. The bad news is that something may be a bit off, but the very good news is that you’re doing everything right, and doing a great job solving merge conflicts! Thank you for posting here, and thank you for your patience. 


Thanks for your continued patience, @dream-ardor. We’re still looking into this issue. :slight_smile:

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Hi @dream-ardor! Unfortunately, the team wasn’t able to figure out what went wrong. If you’d like to continue with the course, the recommended path is to start again. If you encounter problems again, please let us know.