Stuck on GitHub Actions: Publish to GitHub Packages

I’m trying to follow along with the lab but am getting an error on the Docker Build, Tag, Push:
invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase

I’m not sure how to change my name to not have capitalisation.

I’ve found a few posts about potentially creating an environment variable but really have no idea what I should be changing and where.

To fix it - am I supposed to be changing my cd-workflow.yml file? I see in there a repository url with my name capitalised and I tried changing that to be lowercase but I can’t see where the tag name is being passed through in a step to know what I’m changing.

Once I know what I’m changing - I’ll need to know how to lower case it I guess!

Any help would be appreciated. Given it’s the first step of the lab it’s a bit hard to follow what’s going on to fix it. Thanks!