Stuck on adding Contributor Covenant

Hi there,

I am almost at the end of the Community Starter Kit course and accidentily clicked ‘Commit changes’ before having the markdown version of the Contributor Covenant added. I have the text ready to go, and have tried a few things to have another go at it, but the course bot seems to be stuck.

From looking at similar problems in the forum, their seems to be two solutions that are usually presented, leave and restart the course, or have a moderator manually move the course along. Since I am nearly at the end I would really prefer to not have to start over. Can someone help move the course along for me, or simply reset this stage so I can add the covenant text myself and finish up??

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

@sseacrest in this step, Learning Lab is specifically looking for you to update an existing pull request with the code of conduct file. Try this:

  1. Make a change to the add-code branch (like changing the title of the code of conduct in its file)

  2. Open a pull request against this branch and master.

  3. Make a new commit where you paste in the code of conduct into

  4. That should trigger Learning Lab to respond.

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I’m grateful for your work thank you