STUCK in Intro HTML course and awaiting a (bot review?) to continue

Can someone look at my markup and give a suggestion, because I’m stuck? The problem is that I’ve been stuck in the Intro HTML course for a couple of days now, due to the Learning Lab Bot not reviewing my work. 

My work is verified, and I’m waiting for a couple of reviews for approval, so that I can merge (pull? push?) to the master branch. I’m at the “add an image” step. The message (messages) say that I need a reviewer– I’m blocked from moving on until then (see below):

Review required
At least 1 approving review is required by reviewers with write access. 

Merging is blocked Merging can be performed automatically with 1 approving review.

I’m really confused about the branches/patches, commits, etc., and all now. I believe I have more branches and commits than I should have, and am unsure as to which branch/patch even needs to be merged at this point. I went back and corrected some things and even deleted one pull request, but there’s still no change in review status.

I’m not being shown how to fix this, if I am the problem, and if I have too many commits, patches, branches, this isn’t being addressed, so I am unclear on how to proceed. 

Hey there @mcqueendada

I looked in your repository and noticed that this was the only issue open and there were no pull request which was needing to be reviewed or approved:

Have you by any chance restarted the couse again? :slight_smile:

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