Stuck in 1st step of Managing Merge Conflicts

I’ve completed all the steps and finally opened Pull Request.

As per the step, I should be getting a comment or instructions to forward the lesson. But I’m not getting any replies from the bot. I’ve tried it for 3-4 times, but the result is the same.

Also, the learning lab home page shows the next step to be “Create a pull request” which I’ve completed before.

Excactly the same issue as you, let´s try to help each other since someone replies back…

I will try to approve your review see if we can progress on the Lab.

Greatings from Barcelona !

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@xavigh  Sure, let’s try!

Which pull request should I review? You’ve two of them.

Hi, I think anyone should be ok to progress on the Learning Lab, I will try to add you as approver so you can approve my pull request and you should try to add me as an approver so I can approve your changes.

I think?, it´s so frustrating we find this issue just starting…Lol

Sorry about this @elwyncrestha – looking into it!

How did you do to proceed?

What I did is the following:

  • created my branch

  • modified the skills.yml

  • selected the “Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request”

  • modified the target branch to be “change-skills”

  • issued the “Propose File change”

  • added a comment

  • clicked on “Create Pull request”

I think the issue comes from having started in a private branch instead than from *master*

but starting from *master* does *not* propose me the *“Propose File change”* option 

help :-

This issue should now be resolved, @elwyncrestha ! I recommend leaving the course, deleting the repository, and starting it over again. 

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@hectorsector Great! Thank you very much.