Stuck GH Learning Activity: Fixing your pull request


I seem to be stuck on this step in my Github Introduction learning process and I can’t seem to see why, any help would be appreciated!

Me too. I have already updated the comments as requested, but it wouldn’t pass. I tried to click re-request review, it popped out page 404 oops

For both of you, please add a link to the relevant PR so people here can actually take a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the other one is already resolved, I was looking at that this evening, it was not yet resolved

I think this is the other one

Mine is stuck as well

What I did was start over completely, and not miss that PR description in the first place, completely avoiding that task altogether and progressing further.

it’s already 404, maybe, you restarted it again to get it correctly

I’m stuck as well:

looks like restarting can address the issue, but I’d prefer to avoid backing out…

Hi there! Thanks for this workaround, for anyone who is encountering Learning Lab issues or want to have a conversation on the Learning Lab - check out the Education Community’s new home here!