Stuck at: Turn on GitHub Pages

Hi Team,

I am working on “Introduction to GitHub” where the task is stuck at Turn on GitHub Pages I tried to resume many time after few min.'s still no response to course step 3.

Page link

Can you describe what goes wrong?

You should be able to see in your repository setting the GitHub Pages options.

As a fact, it seems that you did enable GitHub Pages, it’s just that the website is not showing, for some reason.

You can serve contents to your GHPages website using different options: from your main branch’s root, from the docs/ folder of the main branch, or from a branch of your choice (usually, an orphan branch).

Also, by default GitHub Pages will be served using Jekyll, a flat-file CMS that converts markdown documents into HTML pages. If you’re trying to serve a static HTML website (i.e. HTML files you’ve created) then you need to add an empty file name .nojekyll in the root folder that is served on GHPages (according to your settings).

currently the issue is resolved, but I can articulate for enhancement of this.

I am using CNAME in the github to deploy my site and when I clicked on this lab which published the repo as a subpage but not under default URL which caused this issue. later I changed to the default one and the page was reflected after couple of min. but the learning task didn’t recognised it.

even now my task is complete after bringing down the page, when i make it up it says incomplete. looks like some boolean result inverted. It’s corner case, you can consider it or ignore it.

GitHub Pages don’t update immediately, and there are also limits of the number of updates (push operations) allowed for a given time span and or day — after which it won’t update until the next allocated time frame. My understanding is that GH enforces this policy to make it clear that GitHub Pages is mostly a service intended to present a repository via a website, or to document software, APIs, etc., and that for more intensive “website-like” usage, users should look for a proper web hosting solution.

Also, propagation of status updates of a GHPages website might take even longer to be reflected across GitHub’s ecosystem, due to caching and updating latency.

In terms of seeing website contents updates, it’s reasonable to expect a delay ranging from a few minutes to even an hour, depending on how many changes you’ve pushed to the website that day or in the last hour (I don’t remember all the details of these times frames and push limits, but you can find them in the documentation).

As for ecosystem updates, which propagate via the GH API, waiting times could be longer, depending on the current load GitHub is facing.

For me GH Pages got updated in few min.'s but the learning lab didn’t recognised the update even the next day.

After moving the CNAME to default GitHub I deleted the repo pages several time to make it recognised, but at the end it end of on Pages enable class step didn’t recognised, but on bring down the page it moved to next step strange “boolean result inverted” which i mentioned.

I’m afraid that without knowing the details of the tutorial assignment (i.e. what it’s trying to do with GHPages) I can’t really work out what the problem is.

There could be multiple problems at play here, on the one hand, the GHPages website not refreshing in real time due to either excessive editing with an hour (or same day), plus Internet caching preventing seeing updates in real time (this is not unusual, some users here posted that they couldn’t see their website online, but others could, so it might be due to their ISP caching, etc.). On the other hand, the tutorial might be moving to the next step due to the GH API giving the greenlight although the website is not showing correctly or is not being updated — the GH API might be faster or slower than the Internet, depending on the current workload, if the tutorial and website are hosted on a same server, etc.

Was the CNAME tweak part of the tutorial or was it something you wanted to test yourself?