Stuck at "Complete the required documentation" github sponsors

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but from what i understand i need to complete something. However when followed by the link to the stripe account i see my empty dashboard from which I’ve guessed I had to go to account → github sponsors settings and here everything including my ID card is now being fulfilled. Is my account in the proccess of being verified by stripe? Am I wating for something or am I missing something? I will add that i was using vivaldi browser in the process of following github instructions and stripe website seems to struggle a lot with vivaldi. I’ve fullfilled my id card information about 5 days ago and I’m from Poland.

we are not yet sure whether you have the same situation,

let’s see whether there will be a trend on this, I’m just collecting for now,

Well, yes. As I was following instructions on setting up the github sponsors at some point I belive when something reminded my of my email I’ve indeed changed it.

So nothing have changed. I am still pending… :slight_smile: Having a “Please check your name, date of birth, and address in your Stripe Connect account for any errors.” with a red triangle sign at the github page. Those 4-5 fields that I have supplied back then at the stripe website seems to be right. Dunno what am I missing or waiting for.