Stuck 2 day at Add headers to some unformatted content

sry , let me say something . ( i am damn very very angry ) learn many day already still stuck at here . What the mean ""click the small pencil :pencil2: icon for the file titled “”???

i cannot see any can CLICK In the upper right corner of the file view !

who make this learing lab , u sure this is for newbie ? step by step also cannot !!!

Hello @supernoob1232,

It looks like these instructions should be updated. Now, users should click on the three dots (sometimes called a hamburger menu) on the right, top corner of each text box, to edit a file. In the past, and in some versions of GitHub Enterprise Server, that button looks like a pencil icon.

I hope this is helpful!

This is the same as my first post on 22 Apr 2021. But no one seems to be fixing the lesson. @brianamarie gave a link into the repository So, I will take the time to read how to update Learning Lab lessons and see if I can raise an issue to suggest to fix this lesson myself. Its a challenge indeed! I read that the Learning Labs are open source?