struggling with sqlite installation

Hello, I am pretty new to programming, although that’s not the problem, I’m more struggling with the practical side of things.

For an exercise I am working on I need to use SQlite.

Installing SQlite via git bash has been a problem i have looked at for several hours now and I always get the “no such file or directory” message.

Then i tried using windows command prompt, it worked but when i take on the steps as told in my project, when i run “node migration.js”, i should be creating a table but instead i get this(see image).

I would very much like to know what I have been doing wrong so any help would be appreciated tremendously.

Hey! Can you link the install instructions you used? This just means that you probably installed SQLite but you did not add it to the path of your terminal so it does not know where to look for the software. 

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Yes and no.

By now, i have tried over 10 guides/instruction videos, so I can’t really say which install instruction i used anymore.

Originally, I will have used the codecademy page but I didn’t find it very clear: link 

The following “should” have done it:

npm install sqlite3

You might try doing the following first:

npm cache clean

It might be necessary to run these in a cmd window with Administrator privs.

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Sorry but still getting error messages, I just installed Visual Studio too because I saw it mentionned in the error logs.

I have the same problem, and git bash keeps saying ‘‘no such file or directory’’ , i dont know how i can fix this , and i don’t know what i am doing wrong.
I have been trying using the command

i would appreciate any advice to fix this, or at least finish the installation.