Strange inconsistencies with Labels page

While I was updating the colours of some labels did I quickly open a different labels page of another repository to get the colours I use there.
I then noticed some strange inconsistencies appearing on the pages that I can’t quite explain.

What I noticed is, that on the labels page of a repository on my personal account where the edit and delete text just normal text, while the ones on the labels page of an org-repository are actual buttons.

Here are some screenshots…

First one from

…and second one from (A repository under an org account)

The only way I can explain this weird difference is, that repositories under org-accounts/profiles use a different CSS setup than those of user accounts (Probably because labels may be shared globally?).

Another unrelated thing I also recently noticed regarding labels is, that we can set default labels for new repositories made under an org-account, but can’t do the same for the personal account and repos created under it?
As you can see from the screenshots do I personally have a specific way of structuring labels, and while I can set defaults for the org is it sad that I can’t do that for my account because I then have to change the labels for each new repository I may create under my personal account, so maybe consider updating this too.
I, of course, can create a feedback post on the Feedback discussions if that is wanted.