Strange error in GitHub Action

As I’m trying to get more Workflows set up, I get a strange error directly after an Action is completed. Below is a snippet of the logs.

2021-04-14T15:18:01.5799840Z ##[group]Run mathieudutour/github-tag-action@v5.4
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5800410Z with:
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5800750Z   default_bump: patch
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5801190Z   release_branches: master,main
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5801650Z   create_annotated_tag: false
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5802020Z   dry_run: false
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5802330Z env:
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5804030Z   PATH: /usr/local/opt/pipx_bin:/Users/runner/.cargo/bin:/usr/local/opt/curl/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/Users/runner/bin:/Users/runner/.yarn/bin:/Users/runner/Library/Android/sdk/tools:/Users/runner/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools:/Users/runner/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle:/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/Users/runner/.dotnet/tools:/Users/runner/.ghcup/bin:/Users/runner/hostedtoolcache/stack/2.5.1/x64
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5807130Z   github_token: ***
2021-04-14T15:18:01.5807550Z ##[endgroup]
2021-04-14T15:18:01.8914810Z ##[error]Parameter token or opts.auth is required

Hopefully someone can help be get a step further with this :slight_smile:


Can you share your workflow code, or a link to your repo?


I wanted to add automatic version bumping to my library. I test the changes, I added the changes in the Check-PR Workflow in PR-37 on IBAN-Helper.

As the logs mention an error about a token, I tried using GITHUB_TOKEN and I created a PAT before I saw the error was actually after the Action.

So that error gets listed in the log after the display of the Action code, but, since it is still in that step, it is related to that step, and therefore that action. Which leads me to think the issue is with your PAT.

My first thought was going to be you have 2FA turned on on your account, but when you created the token you didn’t click the Enable SSO button.

But it is weird that GITHUB_TOKEN didn’t work, as the docs listed that it should.

I haven’t used this action, but I’ll find some time later today to give it a shot and see if I can get it working.

Is your token defined at the repo level, I assume? Just gathering info.


I can’t seem to recreate this. I was able to use the action and the default GITHUB_TOKEN and it seem to work.

My Workflow File

Workflow Runs

I might be missing some context around the steps you are following though, if you want to provide me some more detail.

Thanks for your responses @mickeygousset!

Looking at your set up, I see you’re using a ubuntu-based agent where I use (and need) a mac-based agent. Thinking about that, the first thing that comes up to me is that on a mac you get BSD based tools by default instead of the GNU based tools you get on a Linux machine.

I’ll try installing and using the GNU tools instead.

Sweet. Didn’t catch the Mac angle. Changing mine now as well to see what happens. Let’s both report back.

@readefries I changed to macos and it still worked for me.

Works on my machine… (sorry, I couldn’t resist)


I now removed everything, so I have the same Workflow as you have. And still it’s failing on my repository.

The only difference I notice, is that you get runner version 2.278.0 and I get runner version 2.277.1.

Is there a way to bump the runner version?

Okay, I found the issue.

Instead of with to supply the token, I had env.

Thanks for your help @mickeygousset !

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Good catch! And reach out anytime!