Strange characters in chrome


I am seeing strange characters with last Chrome on Windows 10.

The same error does not occur in Firefox.

Is there anything I can check or debug?

Thank you very much,

the image is broken,

you mean, you are seeing strange characters on GitHub Web using Chrome and Firefox browsers ?


I see the image as I uploaded it, full of strange characters.
That’s only on Chrome, and it seems only with that one repo.
Firefox and Edge are not showing that behavior.

Thank you.

try it on Chrome too, Incognito mode,

if that is fine with the rest of the browsers, seems that would be an issue on Chrome itself, there are similar posts like that but they cannot commit on Chrome and trying other browsers are just fine

Chrome extensions can affect also, you may want to make sure there are no extensions installed, delete the entire history of the regular tab too

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Might be last version of Chrome? I also can’t commit on Chrome.
On Firefox everything works as intended.