Strange behaviour with<repo>/commit/<id>/<file path> URLs

Seems to only happen in conjunction with ‘Large diffs are not rendered by default’.

For me, when I click ‘Load diff’ in the 3 pages below the same diff is shown, not the one for each individual files?

It seems to work fine when ‘Large diffs are not renendered by default’ is NOT shown, e.g. /vm/generics.cpp.

I know that I can also deep-link to the diffs for individual files by putting ‘#diff-…’ in the url, such as vm/class.cpp, but I was hoping to use the other method of putting the file name in the URL as it renders that diff at the top of the page and so saves scrolling down

You can report bugs here: . They are very friendly :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll give that a go