Storage for Actions and Packages limit reached with self-hosted runner

I was under the impression that until I use self-hosted runners I’m good to go and can work without a build limit etc.

I’m not sure I understand why GitHub wants to charge us.

Hi @akoskm,

It’s free to use self-hosted runner with GitHub Actions, will not increase the actions minutes for billing.

However, it’s possible to incur a fee for extra data storage(eg: packages, artifacts) and data transfer above the default limit. More details please refer to the official doc here .


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My bad, I just realized we used the actions/upload-artifact@v2 to upload these artifacts that we never actually used:

    - name: Upload server bundle
      uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
        name: dist-server
        path: dist-server/

    - name: Upload client bundle
      uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
        name: dist
        path: dist/

I think this ate our storage package. :man_facepalming: