stop notification team_mention

Hi everybody, I am currently in a team (where I want to remain a member), but I would like to stop receiving e-mails when the team name is mentioned. But I would like to keep receiving an e-mail when my personal name is mentioned. I spent several hours on finding this option, but nowhere I can find an option to disable team_mention but keep normal mention notifications. Also in the team page, I already filled in the option ‘Ignoring’ notifications. But unfortunately I do keep receiving e-mails from that team. Any help is appreciated!


Does anyone have an idea?

Hi @mpbos,

While GitHub is actively working on features to help people get the notifications that they want to see, that option is currently not configurable for email notifications. While this may be an option in the future, you might find that you can accomplish what you want through a judicious use of email filters to separate personal notifications from team notifications.

Hope that helps!