STL/PLY web viewer & development.


I am new to this forum and not sure if I have posted in the correct forum. I am posting this on behalf of my developer as they are non-English speakers.

We are developing a website for my product to communicate between dentist and my lab. So far we had done some basic task in the communication part. I have 2 questions:

  1. This web needs to have a STL/PLY viewer. But my STL/PLY data are too heavy as it contains “solid” model data output for 3D printing. Does anybody knows or have experience to extract the “skin” from these “solid” STL/PLY data? This would lighten the data for downloading the data and viewing speed on the client side.

  2. Currently, the communication part of this project is about 80% done. But I am not so happy with the look&feel as it is quite old fashion. If anyone has good knowledge for such kind of development with modern UI, I would be happy to engage him/her.