Steps seem to run in parallel


I’m trying to create a workflow for a project with multiple github repositories, so I put several uses: actions/checkout steps in one job, see YML file in this pull request

After this workflow started to run, I noticed that one step failed before its precedent steps finished.

see the screenshot below:

Steps should run in sequential order, right?  see this discussion:

did I get it in wrong or make any mistakes in my YML file? can anyone please help to point it out

Thank you!



Hi @luchsh ,

Thanks for reaching this out! Only jobs can run in parallel, but steps always run sequentially.

This is the display issue i also encounter sometimes, it could be related to your network speed…etc.

I forked your repo, and the workflow display fine.



Hello @weide-zhou ,

thank you for looking into this!

I further added some debugging lines to my YML file, to list files before the last compilation step, code is like below

+ - name: Compile release mode
+ run: |
+ find . -maxdepth 3

you can find the result output from step “compile release mode” in below link

still, I do not see all the sub-repositories’ directories, some of them are indeed missing :frowning:

Thank you


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Hi @luchsh ,

I move ‘find . -maxdepth 3’ to another step, and it can be completed successfully. Actually the failed command is ‘sh configure --with-debug-level=release…’.

I check the error file ‘dragonwell8_jdk/langtools/make’, even souce repo ‘alibaba/dragonwell8_jdk’ doesn’t have this file, it should not be related to actions checkout but command itself.


I guess this might be related to the hierarchical directories structure.

The whole project is constructed by 7 different git repositories, and at build time one of them serves as the containing folder of all the others.

At first, I was trying to clone every repo into its exact directory at build time, which turned out to be a failure. Later I tried another approach by cloning them to directories at the same level and move each repo into the right position after finishing all the git clone operations, it finally works!

Here is the code:

failed version:

passed version:

I was wondering if following steps might cause problems of github actions:

1, git clone a repo A to .;

2, git clone another repo  B to sub-dir ./foo, which is a part of repo A; (maybe do step #2 for multiple times)

3, start build by touching all files from A and B.