Step hangs indefinitely

Seems like about 50% of the time, my step is hanging indefinitely. I can’t expand the arrow to see any logs either. Example run here:


Any advice for debugging? Or is this an infrastructure problem with GitHub Actions itself?


Hi @devth ,

I forked your repo, and checked on my side, actually the step can be expanded before the exception below. After the expection is reached, if you refresh the webpage, the step cannot be expanded anymore.

You need to catch the exception and throw the error(exit code can be got then) in your ‘lein test’, otherwise github won’t exit the step but wait for the timeout 6 hours.


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This seems to happen for any step that will eventually time out - it’s very frustrating to have to wait 6 hours before you can view what failed .

Right now I’m trying to debug a failure that only happens in CI, and I cannot see what is going wrong because I cannot expand the dropdown. 

If I cancel the workflow because I know it will time out, it still doesn’t let me expand and see the logs. Why?


I am pretty much in the same situation with this repo and struggling to find a clear way to debug the issue. Nothing has really changed (no major changes to the codebase or workflow files).

The CI pipeline hangs indefinitely when launching a docker container in charge of running some tests. I am pretty clueless as everything works perfectly locally (which leads me to think that something related to how containers are spun up must have changed) and the logs are not informative as they just prompt that the step timed out after 6 hours.

I am wondering if anyone had similar issues and how I could go on figuring what’s off.

edit: so, apparently in my case the main problem lied in attaching the output to stdout, removing the --attach flag when starting the container fixed things for me (my original command was docker start run_tests --attach. I now wonder how to safely log my output in a step without preventing the whole actions from exiting.