Step 8: Merge a code with a successful build

In the step 8 of ‘Continuous integration with CircleCI’ course, I got stuck at the last step after I committed the changes on the

There were 18 conflicts in the ‘Gemfile.lock’ file between the main and custom-build branches. I couldn’t proceed to ‘Merge pull request’.

I did the following changes in order to pass the CircleCI build:

  • For the first 17 conflicts, I picked the code from the main branch.
  • For the last conflict on ‘BUNDLED WITH’, I need to pick the code from the ‘custom-build’ (i.e., 1.17.3). Otherwise, I saw an error “You must use Bundler 2 or greater with this lockfile.” in CircleCI log.

As I’m not familiar with the Gemfile.lock file and CI, I couldn’t include the technical details of the root cause here.

Please take a look at this unexpected conflict. Thanks.

This lock file ensures that specific versions of Ruby dependencies are used with a Gem, which is why probably you’ve encountered the error about the need to use Bundler 2 or greater.

I wonder if these errors might be due to different Ruby major versions, i.e. the course being designed for Ruby 2 and you having Ruby 3, or vice versa. I’ve often encountered similar problems, especially with gems dependencies. The point is that many gems work with either versions of Ruby, but then you might get small problems like these. E.g. the course might work with both Ruby 2 or 3, but might require different dependencies versions. This is something worth looking into.

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Thanks for sharing your insight and experience :+1:

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thanks for inviting me, but I think, this already is resolved.


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