Step 7 "Respond to a Review" in introduction course


This is my first time posting so apologies if I have done anything incorrectly.

I am unable to get past step 7 because the command line keeps telling me that there is nothing to commit, although I am making changes.

I have been using the command line on MAC and then VS Code from step 5 onwards. The file name is VS Code doesn’t have a " / " it has " : " instead unlike the tutorial shows. Although it is saved on my computer with a / in it.

For example, it doesn’t show like this _posts/0000-01-02 in VS Code the file name is this:


I do not know if this is causing the issues but I am unable to move past step 7 as the command line isn’t registering a change in the file :frowning:

I have installed GitHub as an extension on my VS Code.

Any help is much appreciated thank you!

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You’re running into a couple of things.

  1. The / is supposed to hint to you too create a directory and put a file into it.
  2. A long time ago on operating systems far far away, the directory separator characters could be any of :, \\, or /.
    Mac OS (not to be confused with macOS) used the first one, DOS (not very related to Windows 10) used the second one, and Unix (not really related to Linux) used the last one.
    Linux being modeled after Unix adopted the same directory separator as Unix.
    The macOS you see today is actually a Unix derivative and therefore uses the last one. But because of the history of the older operating system, which supported files named with slashes in their dates, some very interesting compatibility mappings were included.

In short, rename the file, create a directory _posts, move the file into the directory, tell git to add the file, and try committing.

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Thank you very much I’ve sorted it now :slight_smile:

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