Step 7 of the Reviewing Pull Requests course is slightly confusing

In step 7, the github-learning-lab bot gives the following directions:

  1. Click Apply suggestion

The button to click is actually labelled Commit suggestion  (as you can see in the screenshot). 

I hesitated and looked for a place to click “Apply suggestion” before figuring it out.

It’s a minor mismatch between the directions and the required actions, but I thought I’d share in case any other beginners find it confusing.  :) 

Hi @nanaimoto,

Thank you for providing this feedback! When this course was written the button was initally called “Apply suggestion”.  An update was then made on GitHub to make the action more clear by changing the name from “apply” to “commit”. Looks we need to update these instructions.

Thank you for spoting this and letting us know! I’ll make sure an update goes up shortly.