Step 5 GitHub pages module is hung up

Im on Step 5 which is:

Customize site details

Edit the configuration file to display your information.

 However I think I went out of order because I saw that I could add my social links in the file as well. I did that but now its hung up on this. I cant resolve any changes to proceed.


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It looks like you changed your theme, but for this activity we want to use minima.

:keyboard: Activity: Change the theme to minima

Let’s change the theme to minima:

  1. At the top of this Pull Request, click the  Files changed  tab
  2. Click the ✏️ icon to enter edit mode and change the theme: to  minima
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window to create a commit
  4. Enter a commit message then click  Commit changes

Hi @ironmonkeeeee! I left this comment in your pull request, too, in case you see that first. I think what the course is looking for here is for you to keep this file, but to edit line 15 and change the theme within this file. It looks like you’ve tried to do that by commenting on the pull request, but changing the file is something different. Please let me know if you still aren’t sure what to do. :smile:

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Thanks i need try lern more you are so especial person