Step 5: Create your own conflict - Managing Merge Conflicts

I’m having trouble completing step 5 of the Managing Merge conflicts.

The instructions are to edit the education.yml by modifying the degree, uni, year and summary lines and commitint to the add-education branch. I’ve done this but the bot keeps saying ive done something wrong.

I’ve actual tried restarting the course and got to the same step but still face the same issue.

Ive since tried changing  the awards line, removing the # from both, one or the other, but no luck.

Really stuck as what the issue is. Anyone else facing this issue?

Hi @crammers,

We are currently investigating this issue and why you keep getting stuck at this point in the course. For now, I commented in your course repository with instructions on completing through the course.

Let us know if you continue to experience issues moving forward.


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@crammers I think I may know what is happening! This course uses a little “behind the scenes magic” to create the merge conflicts for you to practice resolving. When the course is set up, a pull request is created called “Another User’s Change”. After you have changed the education.yml file in the pull request called “Create your own conflict” the bot merges “Another User’s Change” into master. This is intended to simulate what happens when you are working with collaborators and you both make changes to the same file on two different branches.

However, it looks like you merged “Another User’s Change” before you reached this point in the course. The bot is looking for you to make changes in the education.yml file in “Create your own conflict” without having any conflicts, and then it creates the conflict for you. 

To avoid this issue, be sure to follow the steps provided by the bot carefully - and don’t merge the pull request with the title “Another User’s Change”!

I hope this helps explain what is happening and why! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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You are right @crichid ! I totally mistook the comment “After this pull request is merged, …” in Another User’s Change as an instruction to merge the branch! how silly of me! No having the great big _ Actions  _bit I really should have given me a clue! Thanks!