Step 4: Create a branch - Not receiving next task


My GitHub Lab robot appears to be stuck in the Step 4. I created a new branch and went back to the issue, but did not get any further comment.




I have the same issue.

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Same here.

Just started the course and stuck on this one. Creating more branches doesn’t help.

I also have the same issue.

Thank you all for letting us know, and I’m sorry about the trouble! We’re looking into it right now and will let you know when the issue is fixed!

Thank you all for reporting this! After some investigation, we found the problem and pushed a fix. You should be able to complete the course now by creating a new branch. If you are unable to move forward after creating the branch, please drop me a note in this thread and I will manually move it forward. 

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Worked for me. Thanks

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I think that after the fix it jumped directly to ‘Step 6: Open a pull request’ automatically without me having yet completed ‘Step 5: Commit a file’.  

created a new branch still cant get over to #level 5

im stuck, still waiting for the bot to detect me

Hi @iamanasbashir, I took a look at your pull request and left a suggestion to get the bot to approve. @ilkercankaya , it looks like you got it figured out and have finished the course. Let us know if either of you have more questions!