Stay connected on GitHub Community Forum

The user session seems to expire after an hours of inactivity on GitHub Community Forum.

Then, I need to “Sign In” again.

On GitHub, I can stay connected all day long without any disconnection.

Is it possible to configure the user session on GitHub Community Forum ?

A sort of “Stay connected” or “Keep session” feature.

@mickaelbaye Thanks for this feedback! This is something we can look into. For future, please submit any feature requests for the Forum via our contact form: . We’re working on implementing a new feature to take feature requests here in the Forum, but for now, we’ll be taking them via email. Thank you again!

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Thanks for the answer :smiley:

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Because the OP here was a feature request, and we’re only able to take those via email right now, we’re actually going to close out this Topic from further replies.

If anyone has anything they’d like to open up for discussion unrelated to this OP, feel free to open a new Topic in the appropriate board. Thanks!