Status of workflows with no running jobs

The status of a workflow where no jobs had a matching condition (jobs.<job_id>.if) used to get a “skipped” status with a grey icon on the actions lists.

But some time within the last day that changed to a failed state with a red icon and a mail informing about the failed workflow.

The previous behaviour was much nicer. An error?


Having the same issue. Also, now this is generating notifications each time a job doesn’t have a mtaching condition.

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Same here. We have a Workflow running on the deployment_status event and we only care about the success state. This is causing quite a bit of noise as pending deployments are all showing as failures just because the if condition in the job doesn’t pass.


We have reported the feedback to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation. If have any progress, we will notify you in time.


Thank you, @brightran.

I just checked and the problem still exists.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info or examples.

Any news after the general availability?

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Do we have any idea if this is an intentional change, or a bug? I’ve changed my workflow so that all the steps in the job have the if statement. This way I have a job with zero steps, rather than a workflow with zero jobs, and it achieves basically the same thing, but the workflow takes a couple of seconds longer.


Is there any news on this ? This is so annoying right now, having to use “no-op” jobs or using steps-level if…


I wish this were fixed as well, but until it is, how do I create a no-op job?

We just “solved” by adding the condtional at each step in the job

I just ended up using a job that does nothing but echo a message as my “no-op” job, and that worked fine for me:

Thanks for your feedback!
A workflow with no jobs should now correctly be marked as “skipped” instead of failed.

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