Status of AtomEditor

Can you confirm to me what is the current status of Atom as an on-going concern? I note that the latest excutable on the macOS version is dated 10 May 2021, so presumably work is being carried out.

My problem concerns Atom’s support for Go, specifically in the Go-Debug package by Lloser aka Lucas B. who has not been seen online for at least a couple of years. GoDebug is supposed to provide a means to use Derek Parker’s excellent Delve debugger with Atom. The problem is that following the instructions as they are laid out simply do not work.

See Issues trying to use Go-Debug · Issue #159 · lloiser/go-debug · GitHub for a detailed description of the problem.

Could some one look into this as a matter of some urgency, and maybe provide me with the contact details of some alternative maintainers.


Hey @carlca :wave:

You’ll want to bring this up over at Atom’s Discussion board:


Looks like they’re migrating over to Discussions:

…but do still have activity in their forum for now.