Status not showing next to commit message when workflow is run manually

We have GitHub actions that runs integrations tests.

When workflow is run by some event (e.g on pushing new commit) we get status message inside of the the PR next to the commit for which the tests are running showing status of test run (running, success or failure)

example of that status next to commit.

As integration tests can take some time to finish we don’t wan’t to run them on each push to PR. instead we want to run them once before requesting review for PR.

We added workflow_dispatch to GitHub action and we can run those test from inside of the actions tab but the problem is that when we run tests manually like that there is no reference of test run inside of the PR. So when looking at the PR it’s very hard/impossible to know has the integration test been run successful for last commit for that PR. (requirement so that we can merge that feature to master).

Is there a way we can run integrations test manually before requesting review in PR and not on each commit to PR and that run of those tests are showing inside of the PR (same as they do when test runs on commit)

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