status event triggered with different actors for same ref and sha


I’ve created a github actions workflow which is triggered on the status event. Workflow is available at: 

I am seeing that the workflow is triggered with different actors on the same ref and sha. It is not clear what is the logic used for determining the actor for the status event. You can see examples here:

The workflow is triggered on status events with different triggered by users.

Would appreciated any clarifications about this. My main concern is that this is creating un-needed workflow notifications to users that are unrelated to the event.

Anytime the status of a Git commit changes, it will trigger the ‘status’ event in your workflow. Checking the status API detail, with same ref and same sha, it’s possible to create a ‘status’ with different users which will trigger the workflow for different users.

I created a circle ci for my repo and it transfers the commit status to github,  ‘status’ event is triggered by that user then.