Status check results are following the branch and showing up on newly created PR's for the same branch

We have DevOps pipeline, JIRA issue number validation, and recently added was SonarCloud quality gate status checks for PR’s.

i have a branch that I had created a PR for and closed it (sonar quality gate was failing). Then later we removed the sonar quality gate and created a new PR for the same branch with some additional commits. When the new PR was created, it showed the status checks that were associated with the prior PR, including the old failed sonar result. After a minute or so, the pipeline one was refreshed, and the JIRA one, but the Sonar quality gate failure is still present and wont go away.

I tried creating a new branch from the branch in the PR, but the status checks appear to be following that as well.

The Status checks dont appear to be tied to the PR, but are rather tied to the branch. Is there a way to clear the previous status checks?

I had to clone the repo to a different folder, make a new branch in that clone, and then used winmerge to copy the changed files to the new clone branch and then commit and push that in order to get rid of the status checks.