Staticman in jekyll leads to 405 “not allowed”

I tried to configure ‘staticman’ comments for my github pages. I use Beautiful Jekyll for my site.

I followed the documentation of staticman getting-started.

  1. created a github application and install it in my repo
  2. deploy staticman app on heroku
  3. configure _config.yml
  4. configure staticman.yml

Unfortunately I get only a HTTP 405 (not allowd) when I try to submit a comment. There does not arrive any request at my staticman installation. So I would guess this is a problem at github pages side.


Any chances you can share with us the exact HTTP request that is failing?

GitHub Pages does not support verbs other than GET for instance. I suspect on your repo, staticman is trying to make non-GET requests against Pages instead of your Heroku app for some reasons.

If I try to to place a comment here having Developer Console open I saw that the form seem to sends the post request to itself.
I am not so good in jquery and javascript to understand what should happen instead. What I can say is that the jekyll rendering will work fine the staticman.js is loaded but my endpoint is never called from the form.

I have never used staticman but I think you are simply missing an action attribute on your form tag:

This should point to your staticman service (the one you deployed if following the documentation as a Heroku app). This is step 4 of the guide.

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Great advice but the jekyll theme (beautifuljekyll) do the trick by using jquery.js and staticman.js. So I would guess here the .submit should do the trick. No idea why this is not done.

I found an open bug on beautifuljekyll which describe the whole behavior. I’ll have an eye on it.