Stash - Untracked files


Im a new GitHub user and up until today, have been using it primarily for local version saves that i do once a week. Today i somehow made an error while reverting to last weeks branch to recover a class from a file. while doing this, i got an option to ‘stash’ the current work which i clicked.

when i tried to return to my latest branch, i got an error saying

There are untracked files in the stash that already exist in the working directory.

I cant find a way of identifying these files. I can double click the stash and see everything that i need but i cannot get them out of the stash. 4 classes have a ‘A’ next to them.

i followed a youtube video on Git Bash and when i did Git Status, it said ‘nothing to commit, working tree is clean’. What i need is the files within the stash to be returned to the branch.

How can i do this? im going round in circles and Git seems to be limited in options (at least through VS). for example, i can compare the files but do nothing with them…

Can anyone please give me a few minutes with a decent noobie answer that will help me get the files i need out of the stash and back into my project?

Very much appreciated,

Nacho :slight_smile: