Starting Open Source Project - New Here

Hey developers!

I’m fairly new to using Github. I’ve had this profile for a long time, just never took the time to learn how to use it until now. 

I have a project idea in mind and I’d like to share it with the Github community as something we can all work on together. I currently am using a desktop app to drive traffic to my Instagram account. This app has been working so well for me that it inspired me to build my own and make it better. 

The name of my project will be Notified and it will execute the following tasks:

-Logging in to your Instagram account

-Searching for other Instagram users

-Gathering a user’s following/followers

-Storing the gathered list for later use

-Auto-Follow gathered users

It will also include:

-Gathering all posts from logged in user’s feed

-Auto-Liking the gathered posts

I’ve decided to go open source because the idea is already out there, and there already exists other apps that perform these tasks. This desktop app will work on Windows and will be built off of mostly Java/JavaFX. 

I am using this project as an educational tool. I’m hoping to learn the following throughout this journey:

  • How to use Github to collaborate with other developers

  • How to work with APIs

  • Better Java/JavaFX understanding

  • Steps to developing a full application

  • How to deploy a desktop application

  • Open source basics

I’m really looking forward to working with the Github community in order to complete this project. If you are interested in working on this project, do not hesitate to get in contact. All are welcome!

Here’s a link to the current project:

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As you want to use Java for the project, i think that you should consider to deploy it for running on Linux too.

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I’d love to add that feature, any tips on how to make that possible if it’s not a default feature?

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The only thing that i think doesn’t work at openjdk (linux default) is JavaFX, you could use swing instead (I guess).