Starting from 100 Github Organization Secrets they start disappearing and can't be used

As per your documentation Encrypted secrets - GitHub Docs it should be possible to store up to 1000 Organization Secrets.

Right now I have 100 Github Organization Secrets, but when I add new ones they are not shown, or worse, they are shown if they are before in alphabetical-order to the existing ones, but it will start “removing” the last ones to make room for it!

The weird thing is that the secret seems to be there, as if you go manually to the following page you can see it:

The implications are:

  • The “missing” Organization Secret can’t be used in a repository
  • I can’t see if the Secret is being taken from the repository itself or from the Organization Secret, as the legend This secret overrides an organization secret is not shown.

This seems to be a bug at your side?

Hi @saaguero, we are facing this too. It seems to be a major bug. Can anyone from GitHub help?

We are also experiencing this issue. Although, we seem to be able to use the secrets even if they are not shown, as long as we know the secret name we can see that they exist and update them as @saaguero mentioned. However we cannot get a complete list of all of our organization secrets if we have more than 100. This seems to be a problem in the API, not just the UI, when calling the API directly we are not able to get more than 100 results (

The official GitHub docs on encrypted secrets that @saaguero already linked also describes this limitation of repos to access a maximum of 100 org secrets, meaning GitHub is aware of this issue apparently:

If the repository is assigned access to more than 100 organization secrets, the workflow can only use the first 100 organization secrets (sorted alphabetically by secret name).