Starting a new project and need Programming Help (Angular Beginner)

Hello dear GitHub Community,

im an apprentice (in my second year nearly half-way through) and my chef gave me a practice-task to program a single web-page that acts like a calendar, where the user is able to see a calendar and is able to click through months, add events to a specific day and save it. And all of that should be done in Angular.

For the past year and a half, i only programmed with C# in a console window and recently i have read myself through the wee3schools tutorial of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and a little bit of TypeScript as well) before i was given this task. Since the program should be without any implementation of a major calendar-package due to not being able to learn much from it, it should be pretty custom-made (from scratch and with help of a few modules).

Now my question is, where and how do i attack such a request?

My first thoughts about creating a calendar went something like this:

-i need to get the first date available to set the starting point of the calendar

-i need to know how i can make the calendar display the future months/days/years (like when does it end?)

-my calendar needs the current date so when opening the page, it should display the current month and the current day should be pre-selected as well

-i need to construct a calendar format somehow

-when selecting a day, the user should be able to have a small window open where they can add a entry (something like an appointment, with title, full name of the user adding the entry, context and a time window in hours only) and save it to that day (the best would be seeing all entries of the selected day as well)

-i need to manage the data of each entry (at which date it belongs to and the entry itself)

-i need to take care about the formatting (how it should be displayed)

Alright, so thats all i could think about of the top of my head. Now i would need to know how to attack each problem (for example having a json for keeping all the entry data since json is the most common way of keeping data).

I hope this gives you a good view of my position right now, i basically dont know where to start after settting up my angular project. The most simple thing to start with, if you would ask me, is displaying a proper calendar, where you can see the current month in a day grid once you open the page and being able to go backward or forward in the months.

Thanks in advance!