Start of work with Git

Hey guys, im begin my work with GIT. I got many information from network, but not found full instruction how work with that. For begin i wanna install git to my website( i think it will master branch) and wanna create dev branch. How i can doit that? Maybe someone can shared link with full instruction for begginers))) thanks all in advance

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I suggest you first learn a bit about Git:

Then take a look at with what technologies you want to build your site:

  • Web server: NGINX/Node.js ?
  • Technologies: HTML/CSS/JS ?
  • Frameworks: Angular/React/Vue

(or something completely different like PHP / ASP.NET etc)

Then take a look at how you are going to host your site:

(and of course a domain name)

Hi camper.  Did you mean you want to use Git to push commits to the repo that contains your website?  Also, it’s my understanding that the master branch is set up by default when you create a new repo.

I have yet to learn about additional branches, but my learning plan is to check out the GitHub Learning Lab.

Happy learning!