Starred topics on Explore page

I believe the UI for starred topics on the explore page is broken. Links go to /topic.{topicname} instead of /topic/{topicname}, which results in 301’s to the general /topic page.

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Hey @burnsra, mind giving an example of a query or link that returns a 301? I am able to view my starred topics and click through to the repos with those topics. 

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Please see the macOS topic link below in the screenshot, it links to “/topic.macos”.  The request/response is as follows:


Request URL:
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 301 Moved Permanently



Ah, yes, I experienced that as well when I was testing things before I replied to you. I suggest contacting support to report this as it’s not clear if this is by design or not. 

This appears to be fixed as of today, Monday, March 9th.