Staking issues with my Harmony One coins

I am having problems with trying to contact anyone at Harmony One. I have sent multiple emails to and one email to and have received no response back. Does any know how i could contact harmony one and get a response back. I am have an staking issue.

Hey @Jayme88 and welcome to the forum! While your question is more than welcome here, this isn’t a Harmony One specific forum. Perhaps someone from the community is able to help you out, but you could also try finding a forum tailored a bit more towards Harmony One.

In either case, if you could give us a bit more insight into the context of your problem, that would also definitely increase the chances of getting some answers over here.

Finally, since your question seems to be related to cryptocurrency, if you (think you) have been scammed, please get in touch with your bank and law enforcement as soon as possible or ask a local help organization to help you out.

Thanks for responding
No , it was not me being scammed. It was an error on my part. I will try the reddit Harmony one forum.

I am looking for Help in contacting a validator of Harmony One Staking pool. BBIT Staking Pool.

I sent 1175 Harmony one coins to the Validator address instead of using the “Delegate Button”. So therefore it is sitting in the staking pool money area but I don’t have access to it.

The Validator web site address is

The Staking Pool Name is BBIT.

The address I sent my 1175 one coins to is (Validator Address) one1wrvlznh27fywscexnc2l9fxk5gjelcqdnw8pvw

I sent my Harmony one coins at Dec 11/2021 7:16:56 am PST.

When I clicked the “Delegate Button” it came up as the Validator Address.

So I am wondering if it is possible to get my Harmony one coins sent back to me and then I can stake it properly by using the “delegate Button".

Thanks James Hanson

I am using a chrome extention wallet

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Hey James, good to hear that you weren’t scammed. It happens all too much these days. Nevertheless, I don’t think I have enough knowledge of the subject to help you, but I hope you’ll find some guidance on the Reddit then! If you want to, you can post the link here - perhaps someone with the same issue can then find the answer as well?