SSO not working

I believe we have set up SSO, and from what I can tell, even setting it up requires you to create another account at gitub, but that it effectively links the two.

Unfortunately, at every login with SSO, it is requiring two logins now. First I have to log in with my SSO account, and then with my GitHub account. I would think, if they were linked, it would be a true single sign on and automatically log me into my github account, but instead it is requiring twice the logins as normal, effectively making it less convenient than it would be otherwise.

Is this expected behavior? Is there perhaps something I’m doing wrong?

SAML SSO on is a little different than traditional SSO with SaaS applications. SAML on GitHub is meant to control access to your organization’s resources, but still allow your GitHub users to use their accounts for things outside of your organization, such as personal repositories. Instead of replacing the normal login flow, we link an external identity to your users’ existing GitHub accounts to control access to your organization.

This means that users will still have to log into their personal GitHub accounts after SAML SSO is configured, but they’ll will be prompted to authenticate with your identity provider before accessing any resources in your organization.

Members must periodically authenticate with your IdP to authenticate and gain access to your organization’s resources. The duration of this login period is specified by your IdP and is generally 24 hours. This periodic login requirement limits the length of access and requires users to re-identify themselves to continue. You can find more information in our About SAML SSO article.

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