SSL cert problem ONLY in R Studio

I have been following the Happy Git with R guide to install Git Bash and get it working with R Studio.

I have been able to clone a testrepo from GitHub to my computer and push/pull in both directions using Git Bash, Git GUI, and GitHub Desktop.

However, when I try to clone the same repository to the same location in R Studio using New Project > Version Control > Git, I get the following error message:

fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

I have verified that the Git executable is set to: C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git.exe.

Does anyone know why I would be getting this error from R Studio only?

This error occurs when git can’t find the local certificate bundle used to secure the connection when communicating with the git server. It’s typically due to a misconfiguration of git that doesn’t tell it where to find the local certificate bundle.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the git client for R Studio or how to configure it. And since messing with the SSL configuration of a client I’m not familiar with could expose you or your code to malicious activity, I’m going to refrain from guessing :grinning:

For now, I would recommend using one of the other clients you said work properly or contact the support resources for the git integration for R Studio.

I hope that helps!